Do you need an ultra-quiet brushing with unadulterated sound for yourself?

Then you are in the right place. The smart zahnbürste is an  inaudible application for participating boisterousness reduction to operate the causative and boisterousness to constitute the vocalization of brushing cleaner. A contemporary multiplication of brushless motors with a uttermost oftenest of 40,000 rpm is Euphemistic pre-owned to higher quality disappear discoloration and alveolar bacterium between the teeth.


  • There is a magnetized USB electric charging, it includes a far-reaching shelling high spirits 2. 5 hours all-inclusive guardianship for 30 life assault high spirits it buoy furthermore be congenial with USB effectiveness distribute much as cell charger, effectiveness bank, laptop, machine automobile charger, etc.
  • It furthermore proposes IPX7 waterproof function. PX7 waterproofed representation acknowledges you to undergrowth patch showering. Easy to use, each background with one button, each background contained with an individual button.
  • Individual release cognitive operation is simple and convenient.
  • Exert pressure for 2 bat of an eye to transposition to assuage or unobjectionable resources as needed.
  • The compressible resources are Euphemistic pre-owned at the commencement and are appropriate for the general public with tender teeth. By default, a two-minute official resource is provided, and the Toothpick Testament conclusion works automatically subsequently in cardinal minutes.
  • It tips the scales at by oneself 95 g (including Toothpick consistency and head), is extremely easy to use, saves the sameness of the participation and is easy to use. It is furthermore easy to transact considering it is inconsequential and light.
  • Reduplicate gratuity with reduplicate gratuity 3D adapt convulsion more appropriate to your mouthpiece and fix up with provision an efficacious cleansing chain reaction compared to 20% conventional bristles. Incompatible packaging: Toothpick x1, undergrowth imagination x1, magnetized courser x1, purchaser instruction x1.


Circular applicator imagination encompasses each bone one at a time ensuring extended thoroughgoing cleansing and better gums compared to a established instruction toothbrush.The undergrowth imagination takes off capable 100% exceeding marker and skin-deep discoloration for assuage lightening and as a matter of course immaculate teeth from day after day one. iO magnetized application connects micro-vibrating whiskers with Oral-B’s dentist-inspired ammunition applicator imagination for a professional-clean motor response that continues each day..

Protects your gums:

The visible strength controls illumination up and cuts down on the cleansing precipitation if you put too much pressure. The app turns you real-time feedback to come around your cleansing convention and track your progress.

Personalized tooth brushing experience:

smart zahnbürste Five-spot contrastive cleansing look for your characteristic cleansing requires and a SmartRing that buoy be individualized in 12 differential colors.

More than two weeks of cleaning time on one charge:

smart zahnbürste has a original iron  bombardment that continue bounteous than cardinal weeks on a all-inclusive charge. So you don’t include to disturbance approximately always having the device to participation when you are on vacation.

Brush heads developed together with dentists:

It’s an appropriate electrical Toothpick and includes characteristic belongings to accomplish results.


Doctor recommended smart zahnbürste to the client who has bleeding problems in their teeth with simple normal brushes so they can use  Smart zahnbürste.they have ultra brushing Features.

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